Black Lives Matter

Coach O Enterprises stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. We are opposed to social and racial injustice in our country and specifically call out the unchecked police brutality against black and brown people in America. As an active participant in the track and field community, we  consistently witness the beauty of diversity with respect to race, gender, age, physique, fitness and everything in between!

In the spirit of solidarity and support, we’d like to celebrate and recognize black owned businesses and services. We  look forward to doing our part to promote positive change and encourage members of the Coach O community to do the same.

Company Name Contact Location Phone Email Description
Russell Diesel LLC Mario Russell 50 Kingston Ave

Columbus, OH 43207

614-390-6212 We are Detroit Diesel engine rebuilder specialist. We are fast and thorough. Come to us instead of dealerships for the same quality but lesser cost
The Sock Gallery Marcus  and Mario Taylor 1460 Oviedo Mall Boulevard, Oviedo, FL. 407 890-9887

#TheSockGallery is a stylishly classy sock store specializing is customized socks. In business for 5 years, they produce high quality socks in a variety of custom artistic designs and themed collections.

Inclusive Randomness Nzingah Gross Houston, TX 713-446-6051 Pop culture inspired pin-back buttons. Created fresh, hand picked in Houston,Texas,   #YouNeedButtons