Coach O Registration will provide a secure server to accept MasterCard, VISA, & Discover credit cards or eCheck payments and will use the banks credit card services to verify each customer.

The meet director and meet management staff as designated by the meet director will receive an e-mail with all of the entry information. This e-mail will show the fees that have been charged to a credit card as well as any outstanding entry fees.

Once a coach or individual has completed the meet entry process a page will be displayed allowing him/her to enter his/her credit card information. He/she will be advised that the card will be charged a convenience fee in addition to the meet entry fee. The exact convenience fee amount will be displayed. The convenience fee varies depending upon the entry fee.

The meet management staff will be able to track all credit card payments by requesting a report of meet fee payments using the Coach O Meet Director’s Utility page.

The host organization is responsible for establishing a refund policy and dispersing refunds to participants. Coach O Registration will only handle refunds in the event of:

  1. Overpayment or duplicate payment
  2. Event cancellation
  3. The host organization approves an online refund.

If the host organization cancels an event or approves online refunds, the processing fees incurred for the electronic refunds will be added to the invoice of the host organization.

A check and a copy of the meet fee payment report, detailing all entry fees collected, will be mailed to the meet director within seven days of the conclusion of the meet.